Monday, April 1, 2019

[ New Video ] Watch Cloe Wilder's captivating version of Sasha Sloan's "Faking It"

Artist: Cloe Wilder
Video: "Faking It" 
(Sasha Sloan Cover) 

YouTube has become the home for many young musicians to share their music and talents with a diverse audience. Most of the time that's from the security of their bedrooms, or local coffeeshop stages. Cloe Wilder has made the leap from introverted singer songwriter, to music video maven, creating her own visually striking aesthetic and feel in her latest cover video. Taking inspiration from Sasha Sloan's introspective breakup song "Faking It," the video takes place at an Urban Art Fair using various perspectives and art pieces to convey the illusion of reality. Much like the fake ideas and niceties that go into the end of a relationship. The moments right before you have "the talk" with your partner that brings everything to an end. 

Cloe currently lives in Tampa, Florida. She is an advocate for equality, and mental health awareness who strives to embrace her own imperfections, while comforting listeners  with her melancholy honest lyricism. As the late Leonard Cohen once said in his song Anthem, "there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in." 

Over the next year she plans to release more videos, originals and covers, on her YouTube channel and continue to grow her following online. Make sure to check out her stunning cover video for "Faking It", and subscribe to her channel for future uploads. 

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Photo Credit: Chalisa Singh